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frequently asked questions.

We all have questions. It's fine. Please feel free to reach out if this page doesn't answer yours.

What services do you offer?

Real Estate Photography, Real Estate Videography, Aerial Photography, 3D Virtual Tours & Floorplans, Real Estate Branding & Marketing Materials, Virtual Staging, Professional Headshots, and Custom Editing Services.

Do you offer video?

Sure do!

Do you design marketing materials?

Sure do! We’ve been in the Real Estate world for 10+ years now and have a handle on the ever evolving styles of marketing.

​How do I place an order?

On our Order Now page, just follow the prompts.

Do you contact the homeowner directly to schedule?


​How soon can I schedule a shoot?

Typically within 1-2 business days.​ Monday - Friday and Saturdays 9AM - 12PM.

​What is the turnaround time on photos?​

24-48 business hours, typically by the end of the next day.

Do you Photoshop?​

We fully edit our photos inside and out. We can quote additional edits if needed.

​How do I pay?

When we send your media delivery email, we attach an invoice as well. Once payment is received, you will be able to download High or Web Resolution files.​

​How is my media delivered?

We process & deliver everything online. You’ll receive an email with everything you need!​. (Make sure to check your spam if this is your first time with us)

Can I see my media before I pay?

Yes. Your online gallery will provide previews prior to payment.​

Does paying for these services make them mine?

No, you’re paying for a license - kind of like Netflix, or a software key code. 

​Does someone need to be present during the shoot?

No. Shoots typically go quicker if there are not too many variables involved.​ Plus we have Supra.

​What if the weather is bad (raining, snowing, overcast, sleeting, etc.)?

We try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. Typically we will shoot the interior of the home and get what we can from the outside. If we are unable to shoot any of the exterior, we will send a photographer out when the weather is better. If it is the decision of the agent/homeowner to reschedule upon arrival without shooting anything, an additional trip fee will be assessed.

​How much is a shoot?

Please see our PRICING page for all our pricing options.​

​Which package should I choose?

If you’re super busy and need assistance with your marketing - choose a marketing package. If the home is smaller and you only need a few photos, choose the one that fits your needs best. If you're marketing a luxury property, the higher photo count typically show better details.​ We have a little something for everyone.

​How do I prepare for a photoshoot?

Declutter & clean, turn all lights on, all fans off and clear all mess. Refer to our Home Prep Video and Checklist.

​What days can I schedule a shoot on?

We shoot Monday - Friday and Saturdays 9am - 12pm.

Do you offer twilight photography?


​What are your business hours?

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm, Saturdays 9am - 12pm, Sundays we are CLOSED.

Who do I contact with questions?

Do you travel?

Yes, we have a ZONE MAP that will provide additional trip charges.

Do we need to do anything before you come?

Yes, make sure the subject is in the condition you want to market it in. Make sure our photographer/company is on any gate lists, and make sure entry access has been provided.

Is it okay if there are contractors at the house during the shoot?

No. Unless you would like them in the images you present online.

Can I send someone to see the house while you’re there?

No you may not, we are not Real Estate agents. 

Do you input into MLS?

No, we do not.

Random Questions our Photographers Get Asked

“How many houses do you do a day?”

A lot.

“What's the turn around for the photos?”

24-48 hours

“Do you guys only shoot around The Woodlands?”

No, we go all over the place.

 “Is this the worst/dirtiest house have you seen?”

No, there has been worse.

"Will the dust show?"

Not usually, unless there are massive mountains of it.

"Do I need to vacuum before photos?"

You can..but vacuum lines don't always photograph how you think they will.

"Do I need to move my car?"

Yes Please.

"Where did you park?"

Down the street. I don't want my car in any of the photos.

"Do I need to move anything?"

If we see anything that needs to be moved, we'll let you know.

"Can you photoshop this ______out?"

Our office does the editing, so we can put a note in there for them to relay to your agent.

"Are you doing those (fill in blank) kind of photos?"

We don't have it in this order, but we can get with your agent on what they'd like to do.

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