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Licensing, Terms and Conditions

Revised 12/2021

Media & Marketing Services

Iconic Images Media & Marketing is an independent company servicing The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, North Houston, Conroe, Kingwood, Willis, and Surrounding Areas. Iconic Images provides professional Real Estate media & marketing to any individual entity or business entity in need of such services. The services we render are strictly on a service provided / monetary exchange basis and will not be construed otherwise.

ANY media provided by Iconic Images Media & Marketing is owned by Iconic Images Media & Marketing. Misuse of products will result in termination of client/photographer relationship and suitable fines at the discretion of Iconic Images Media & Marketing will be assessed – we reserve the right to issue a cease and desist of our work at any time. Iconic Images Media & Marketing reserves the right to watermark products until full payment is received.  The client agrees to pay Iconic Images in full prior to media usage for services rendered. Until then, the client is illegally using media issued by Iconic Images Media & Marketing. Once payment is received in full, Iconic Images grants a license for USAGE rights, not full ownership. Ownership has and will always belong to Iconic Images Media & Marketing unless expressly granted in writing.

Usage rights include: advertising, print, marketing, social media marketing, MLS, website and any performance in association with selling the subject property. Client agrees not to send, sell, or lend any work provided by Iconic Images to any persons, or vendors, for marketing purposes or to be mistaken as work done by any other than Iconic Images Media & Marketing. This includes any 3rd party users and is not limited to: Stagers, Home Cleaners, Builders, Other Agents, Investors, Seller of home or represented client, unless prior consent has been given by Iconic Images Media & Marketing. Usage is not granted until photos are purchased in full. You may be contacted to remove our photos from your listings, website, social media, or any other program at any time.

Media & Marketing Process and Procedures: Iconic Images Media & Marketing will perform requested services at the time and date agreed upon in the scheduling process. Once an order is confirmed, Iconic Images will arrive at the selected time/day to perform the shoot within the selected time frame. The Media Specialist will introduce themselves and the company to the client or client representative and begin the project. Time it takes to complete an appointment is contingent upon the size and preparation done prior to our arrival. Iconic Images is not responsible for cleaning or preparing during our assigned timeframe. If the client fails to provide entry access, a prepared setting, or obstacles are present during the appointment, Iconic Images reserves the right to reschedule the appointment and charge an additional fee. Iconic Images Media & Marketing encourages all clients to receive a copy of our Home Prep Guide prior to the shoot to avoid any delays in listing the property. Media is turned around no sooner than 24 hours and no later than 48 business hours. Business hours are as follows: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Closed on Sundays. Media is performed by professionals and edited prior to delivery. We reserve the right to practice judgment on photos at all times. Additional Photo Editing, Removal of Objects, and Excess Editing Procedures can be subject to additional charges at any time.

Virtual Staging

Iconic Images Media & Marketing Virtual Staging services are provided to enhance, update, and provide meaningful depth to photos provided by Iconic Images or by the client. By ordering Iconic Images Media & Marketing Virtual Staging Services, the client consents that written or verbal approval has been obtained from the owner of the media provided to allow such services to be rendered. Iconic Images Media & Marketing is not responsible for copyright infringement for media provided by the client purchasing services. Photos provided by Iconic Images Media & Marketing with requested Virtual Staging Services do not need written or verbal approval to perform requested actions.

Virtual Staging process and procedure: If Iconic Images Media & Marketing performs Media & Marketing on an empty or vacant property, client may request Virtual Staging Services. Client may also request Iconic Images Media & Marketing to stage previously obtained photos. Client may send Iconic Images Media & Marketing the photos to be staged, in accordance with paragraph 1 or Virtual Staging Terms and Conditions. Client will be asked preference on design furniture and items to be staged. If client has no preference, Iconic Images Media & Marketing will proceed with the staging process and provide the completed images to the client once the process is finished (24-36 hours). Client is allowed 1 edit/suggestion per photo. Requests beyond the 1-edit allotment are subject to additional pricing up to the amount of the Individual Photo Virtual Staging Pricing. Client agrees to pay Iconic Images Media & Marketing for staging provided, even if client decides not to use finished products. All media shall be paid in full prior to use.

Upon booking an appointment or successfully placing an order with Iconic Images Media & Marketing, the client agrees to adhere to all Terms and Conditions.


Questions, Concerns or Complaints can be submitted to: or call 281-356-0965

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