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1) We have a new ordering system, website & app - trust us - it'll make ALL of our lives easier.

2) Enjoy 10% off when you download and book through the Iconic App (until Feb. 15)

3) If you're an established client - you will automatically be grandfathered into some of your favorite services. 

4) Prices changed a bit as of Feb. 1 2024 - you know, inflation.

We know change is scary - but we're excited for this one! We got you, as always - we PROMISE!

the perks of change

Keeping up with the times, easy 

Looking like a Rockstar to your audience, done

1) See all current, past and future orders in a single location.

2) Export all billing and accounting for easy preparation.

3) Download media, marketing, any order information DIRECTLY to your phone!

4) Place orders on the go - super easy and user friendly.

5) Contact us at any time AND receive offers and promotions.

We appreciate you. Your business. Your loyalty. We do everything we can to ensure seamless transactions and we've got your back no matter what.        


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